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Monday, December 12, 2016

New Beginnings

Well Folks we are almost to the end of another year. Things have finally calmed down to the point that I feel that I can resume my notebook. The way that I had intended 5 months ago!

I'm taking guest poster pieces now, so I'll get that information up, probably on a page. You will find those bits of information to the left. The guest blog posts will also be pages. Also, to the left. There is a quirk in that list though, it puts the new posts at the bottom of the list, not at the top where they should be.

So what's been going on? Life is moving on. I've been doing various work and am now the newest contributing writer at I am aggravated to say that my first piece wound up being credited to "Ellie", but am glad to say that newer pieces should be under my own name and smiling visage.

I had a lot of ideas and plans for this blog, it was my pet project. I only recently got a clear enough head to remember what they were and get back on track as far as implementation. I'll be resuming posts of GV & Max and if all goes well, my wallpapers. I am also going to be writing some actual articles to put up. Ilion is almost finished. It's in final editing, by my daughter, and I still have to make a cover and get it converted to an e-book.

I can't believe what a hellish year this has been, but I do see some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm learning to crawl and soon I'll be running. Check back regularly and I'll prove it! Anyway Thanks for stopping by!

- David

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